Six Key Steps for Biomimicry & Design

Biomimicry is still unheard of in many walks of life. By looking at these six steps, all of which are already present in other scientific and business development models, will help Biomimicry to deliver more ideas across many new subjects in the future.

The Six Key Steps for Biomimicry & Design:

  1. Belief in approach and impact by looking to nature.
  2. Clarity of purpose to keep you on track, and realign when you falter.
  3. Access to appropriate functional biology, using experts when needed.
  4. Handy provocations that fit your context to keep biomimicry top of mind.
  5. Prototype results early and often, while bringing biology to the process.
  6. Tell your story clearly with surprising evidence to help belief grow.

Adapted from article written by Tim McGee and Kathy Zarsky for EcoInterface

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