Underwater acoustic modems based on Dolphin communications

Having led the surveying team that positioned many of  the sub-sea structures in Shells Gannet Field (an oil field constructed in the late 1980’s) using highly accurate sonar arrays, you might imagine my enthusiasm for a new invention I came across recently. EvoLogics GmbH (www.evologics.de) develops underwater information and biomimicry_dolphins_Docklands_Tony-300x163communication systems based on bionic concepts, combining cutting edge engineering with the best ideas found in nature. They used Biomimicry to create a series of underwater acoustic modems that provide digital communications capable of self-adapting to the dynamic subsea environment. Based on navigation techniques used by the dolphin, the system not only allows it to sense objects around it, but can transmit information reliably, even during the worst of conditions. 

Image of dolphins by Docklands Tony

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