A glass window that mimics spider webs, surely not?

Well actually yes there is and it’s used to prevent bird collisions. Hundreds of millions of birds die every year from collisions with buildings windows, you may have even experienced this at home. Well scientists have identified a solution from studying spider webs of all things.


After spending hours building the perfect web, the last thing a spider needs is for some bird to mistakenly crash through it. The spiders solution was to incorporate UV-reflective silk strands into their webs. By adding these strands into their webs, which are visible to birds but critically not insects, the spider saves their precious webs from being destroyed by an errant bird.

Copyrighted photo provided by Arnold Glas, ORNILUX

A company (Arnold Glass) created ORNILUX, an insulated glass sheeting that uses a similar UV-reflective coating, which is almost transparent to humans and birds to significantly contribute to bird conservation efforts and our own cleaning bills!

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